• Camille DeAngelis

    Camille DeAngelis

    Authoress: LIFE WITHOUT ENVY (“a self-help book that’s actually helpful”) and assorted fantasy novels. http://bit.ly/cometparty

  • Wendy Paris

    Wendy Paris

    Wendy is working on a book about today's good divorces, to be published by Atria Books/Simon & Schuster. She is also a Schwartz Fellow at New America Foundation

  • Sarah Sweeney

    Sarah Sweeney

    Writer, traveler & sometimes journalist. My essay collection “Tell Me If You’re Lying” debuted from Barrelhouse Books in 2016. Visit me at sarah-sweeney.com

  • Nicole Villeneuve

    Nicole Villeneuve

    Director of Content Strategy @ PlateJoy; Investigator of Literary Recipes; Freelance Aristarch

  • gene candeloro

    gene candeloro

    Writer, photog., wanderer. Hopeful romantic. Lover of all things dogs. I write about ordinary people. Follow my Relentless Pursuit. Medium Noteworthy Writer.

  • Jenny Lee Sulpizio

    Jenny Lee Sulpizio

  • Amanda M. McNeil

    Amanda M. McNeil

    Some drop science, while I'm droppin' english. Writer and Bravoholic. #endthestigma

  • Revue


    Editorial newsletters for writers and publishers. www.getrevue.co

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